Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hats, Hats and More Hats

Big Honkin' Pom Pom Stocking Hat = $26.00

This is a baby stocking hat but could be sized larger for a preschooler ... and definitely would make the tail shorter (hazard for unattended kids who are mobile) = $24

This is also a baby stocking hat, that could be made to be bigger (each of these stocking hats have a different shape/structure - pick what "look" you like, and I can make a hat to fit your child). This style in a toddler/preschool size = $24.00 with or without the ribbon.

Fish hats = $28.00 (let me know colours, and if you like wide stripes, narrow stripes or a mix, or if it matters ;)

This is a snowman hat (the "Scarf" around his neck is the ribbed cuff of the hat, and two little scarf tails go down the back of your child's neck to keep the chill off their neck/back). This hat is $20.00.

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